its time to protect our communities from fracking

We are Colorado Rising

We are powering the grassroots effort to pass a statewide ballot initiative (Initiative 97) establishing common sense protections for our communities from the dangers of oil & gas development and fracking.


On August 6th, we turned in over 171,000 signatures for our “Safer Setbacks from Fracking” initiative to the Secretary of State.  This is far more than the threshold required to qualify for the ballot in November’s election. This grassroots effort was led by more than 750 Colorado volunteers from across the state!  Congratulations and thank you to all our signers and supporters!

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Behind the initiative

Colorado Rising is a grassroots group of Coloradans.

We’re working toward a statewide statutory ballot initiative to establish common sense buffer zones between fracking and occupied buildings – like homes and schools – and areas of special concern – like playgrounds and drinking water sources.