Lively, Fun Event Encourages New Nat. Monument Status for Dolores Canyon Area

This weekend (on May 4th!), we hosted an Outdoor Series event focussed on the Dolores Canyons National Monument proposal. Colorado Rising is part of a coalition of conservation organizations, community groups, and businesses working to conserve nearly 400,000 acres of public lands in Western Colorado, including the Dolores Canyons National Monument. 

Our gathering at the lively Sanitas Brewery  was dedicated to the mission of elevating Dolores Canyons to the status of a National Monument! We were fortunate to hear from insightful speakers including Rebecca, who shared the Conservation Alliance’s perspective; Teal, the ‘Western Water Girl,’ who shed light on the water conservation aspect; and Soraya, who discussed the importance of harnessing their business voice for the climate movement from Backpacker’s Pantry Backpackers Pantry’sviewpoint.

Special thanks to our partners, hosts, panelists, donors, volunteers and the attendees! We had a great evening! 


Some background: a national monument designation would ensure that the Dolores Canyons landscape is managed in a manner that prioritizes the conservation of biodiversity, creates opportunities for local input, and preserves public access for recreation and traditional uses like hunting and grazing – protecting it from mining, development and O&G extraction. 

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