Here is what Colorado Rising has been working on in 2019:

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the November 2018 election on Prop 112.  While it was a hard loss, it strengthened our movement and we continue to build on the momentum we generated with your help. We have accomplished so much since then!

yearly update 1

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  Hired Joe Salazar, civil rights attorney and a former state representative in the Colorado House, as our executive director

  Expanded our team to include eight dedicated fighters to help with litigation, community organizing, development, and policy, including a new development director, who will help us reach our fundraising goals so we can expand our work into 2020, and beyond! 

  Organized several direct actions at the State Capitol and town halls to pressure elected officials to stand up to oil and gas special interests

 Advocated for the strongest possible version of the oil and gas reform legislation (SB-181) during the 2019 legislative session by working with elected officials, recruiting folks to testify at hearings and fighting off weakening amendments

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 – Continue to play an active and vigilant role in the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s rule-making process to implement SB-181 

 – Successfully re-opened the lawsuit and filed a motion to reinstate Longmont’s voter-enacted fracking ban that has remained in the city and county charter since 2012 

 – Filed a complaint to stop all oil and gas permitting by the state of Colorado until rulemaking under SB-181 is completed

 – Challenged the constitutionality of Colorado’s forced pooling laws in Federal court

 – Organized candidate forums in Thornton and Commerce City to educated voters on local elections and candidate positions on the climate and neighborhood fracking 

 – Created a 2019 candidate scorecard for 10 municipal races to elevate the issues of neighborhood fracking and climate in local elections 

 – Produced a video about Colorado’s poor air quality and the importance of local elections that reached nearly 17,000 people and was shared over 180 times 

– Protested a number of permit applications at the COGCC that do not comply with the rules set out by SB-181. These lawsuits have delayed some drilling and also recently resulted in the withdrawal of a permit.  This case has also set the groundwork for pursuing a statewide stay or pause on all permits. 

 – Garnered recognition from financial investors watching the Colorado shale industry

image 5 yearly update

 – Established our organization as the go-to resource for press for commentary on oil and gas in Colorado 

 – Generated and was quoted in hundreds of news articles from the national to the local level including the UK’s The Guardian (twice), Bloomberg, the Associated Press, and Reuters

 – Engaged several local governments to reevaluate their position on oil and gas regulations

–  Were approved for 501c(3) nonprofit status! Now we have a 501c(3), a 501c(4) and an issues committee

We cannot thank you enough for all of your support over the last year!!!  

With the impacts of the climate crisis making themselves more apparent every day and the oil and gas industry continuing its insatiable appetite for our communities and clean air, we are committed to this work. We are dedicated to fighting for all of Colorado but it takes funding to do it. Please invest in the health of your community today by donating to Colorado Rising. With your contribution, we can continue to expand our impact and take this movement to the next level. We can continue to build on the groundswell that Prop 112 helped to propel, but we need your support to make it happen. Please donate today.

In solidarity!

The Colorado Rising Team

Join us in protecting the health and safety of all Coloradans

Fracking is harming much of what we all love about living in Colorado and why so many people like to visit – the fresh air, clean water, beautiful landscapes and a safe place to raise our families.