Although the most effective ways you can help us get a WIN in November are by helping us make calls or canvass, the creative ideas below are optional, fun activities to supplement our traditional voter outreach efforts. 

Because we’re funded by small donations from local citizens (instead of big Texas oil companies), we can’t afford to flood networks with TV ads and mail glossy postcards to everyone in Colorado.  Instead, we’ll beat the oil & gas industry the old fashioned way- with PEOPLE POWER!

Chalk Up Busy Sidewalks:  grab some sidewalk chalk like this, find busy locations around your town and write messages in support of Prop #112 (here are ideas of sidewalk locations to chalk: near playgrounds, libraries, schools, main street, campus)

Paint the Windows of your Car/Home/Business: free advertising as you drive around town!  Get some washable “window chalk” like this, or hang Prop 112 signs in your windows.

Banner Drop: sew some old sheets together, or buy several yards of fabric. Use duct tape or paint for your message.  Hang it from your fence, your house, or business!

Become a Walking Billboard: get some Prop #112 yard signs (or print your own) and decorate your bike, backpack, skateboard, whatever you use to get around!

Make a Prop 112 jack-o’-lantern! Pumpkin carving with the kids? Get YES on 112 on your pumpkin! 

Display a Lighted Sign: get crafty!  Make a re-usable sign that shows up well from overpasses or in your front yard at night- influence hundreds of commuters!  Check out this “how-to” guide here.