Seguridad en las Noticias:

Longmont’s Union Reservoir area slated for new oil and gas drilling
March 14, 2018 • By Lucas High, Times-Call

Studies Find Negative Impacts In Home Values Near Fracking
March 10, 2018 • Compiled by Suzane Cabral, Colorado Rising

CSU Student Arrested at Anti-Fracking Protest in Greeley
March 9, 2018 • By Nora Olabi, Westword

Taxpayers subsidize oil and gas
March 7, 2018 • By John Lamb, Daily Camera

Oil Drilling Proposal Raises Concerns; City Says Its Hands Are Tied
February 26, 2018 • By Dominic Garcia, CBS Denver

Oil and gas companies leaving without cleaning up sites; state believes problem will get worse
February 26, 2018 • By Joe St. George, KDVR Fox 31 Denver

Drilling operators complying with Erie’s new flowline mapping rules, town says
February 25, 2018 • By Anthony Hahn, Daily Camera

Lafayette drilling site may host nearly 700 apartments in coming years. City records suggest project would prevent future ‘superpad.’
February 25, 2018 • By Anthony Hahn, Times-Call

Citizens’ Study Concludes Drilling Is Net Loss to County
February 15, 2018 • By Dennis Webb, The Daily Sentinel

Colorado’s oil and gas regulator puts new restrictions on public comments
January 23, 2018 • By Kelsy Ray, The Colorado Independent

Oil and gas industry spills increased by 17 percent around Colorado last year
January 12, 2018 • By Bruce Finley, The Denver Post

Ballot measure proposed to move new oil and gas drilling a half mile from homes, vulnerable areas
Jan 4, 2018 • By Jason Gruenauer, 7 News Denver

Anti-Fracking Activists Could Clamp Down on New Developments With Ballot Initiative
January 4, 2018 • By Nora Olabi, Westword

State Wide Ballot Measure to Increase Fracking Setbacks
January 1, 2018 • KGNU News

Colorado Group Wants Voters to Decide if Oil and Gas Drilling Is Too Close to Homes
January 2, 2018 • By Amy Hadden Marsh, KDNK Community Radio

State Wide Ballot Measure to Increase Fracking Setbacks
January 1, 2018 • KGNU News

COGCC budget in peril
Will you be forced to pick up the tab for regulating the oil and gas industry?
December 21, 2017 • By Matt Cortina, Boulder Weekly

Oil and gas setback measure heading for ballot
December 21, 2017 • By Joel Dyer, Boulder Weekly

High levels of benzene released at Weld County oil and gas site
Anadarko is removing a battery tank at the site
December 20, 2017 • By Jennifer Kovaleski, 7 News Denver

At least a dozen oil and gas explosions have occurred in Colorado in the past year
Dec. 18, 2017 • The Denver Post

Another danger from fracking: Benzene exposure during pregnancy found to affect maternal health
December 18, 2017 • By Russel Davis, Natural News

Firestone Gas Explosion
December 14, 2017 • Insight with John Ferrugia, Rocky Mountain PBS

Babies born to moms who lived near fracking wells faced host of health risks, study suggests
December 13, 2017 • By Melissa Healy, LA Times

A dozen fires and explosions at Colorado oil and gas facilities in 8 months since fatal blast in Firestone
New pipeline rules proposed but they don’t deal with fatalities from oil and gas industry fires and explosions.
December 6, 2017 • By Bruce Finley, The Denver Post

Industrial Strength: How the U.S. Government Hid Fracking’s Risks to Drinking Water
A pivotal EPA study provided the rationale for exemptions that helped unleash the fracking boom. The science was suppressed to protect industry interests.
November 16, 2017 • By Neela Banerjee, Climate News