Truth Rising is a digital program designed to counter the misinformation spread by the oil & gas industry. Every year, the industry spends millions of dollars on deceptive and fear-based tv, radio, print and digital advertising to push their false narrative about fracking.

This special interest spending has created an asymmetrical fight between oil & gas companies and residents who want to protect their homes, families and property from the leaks, explosions and toxic emissions associated with fracking. Marginalized communities and communities of color who often suffer the worst impacts from industrial operations are repeatedly targeted with misinformation campaigns. 

As long as the oil & gas industry continues to spread their lies, we will continue to spread the truth – that fracking is a boom and bust business that is destroying our health, safety, air, water, economy and climate.



As an organization, we recognize the lack of diversity, inclusiveness and representation within the environmental movement. In order to effectively tackle the climate crisis, which disproportionately affects marginalized, rural and communities of color, we need to build a powerful movement that crosses racial, economic and geographic divides.

To address this issue, we recently launched our Climate REDI program to create greater Representation, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the climate movement. Led by people of color, the program aims to build mutually supportive partnerships with diverse allies to promote local leadership and center the voices of African-American, Indigenous and Latino communities on climate issues.

We believe that in order to combat the climate crisis, we must be REDI; we must build a movement that is centered on Representation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.


In January of 2019, Colorado Rising started engaging policy makers regarding the protection of our environment and communities by reducing/eliminating fracking in the state of Colorado. Our efforts include educating elected officials on oil and gas issues and mobilizing members of the public to participate in policy making processes.

During the 2019 legislative session, we fought off weakening amendments and advocated for the strongest possible version of SB19-181 – an oil & gas reform bill that prioritizes public health, safety, welfare, environment, and wildlife resources over oil and gas development, and gives greater authority to local governments over oil and gas operations within their jurisdictions. 

Under the framework of SB19-181, our Justice Rising program has filed a motion to reinstate Longmont’s voter-enacted fracking ban that has remained in the city and county charter since 2012. Our legal team is playing an active role in the state’s rulemaking process mandated under SB19-181. We are also educating local governments on how to navigate the new law in order to pass the strictest regulations possible to protect the health and safety of their communities.

Our policy efforts support regulations that protect our environment and the health and safety of our communities from the harms of oil and gas operations. Likewise, we fight any efforts to give unnecessary power to the oil and gas industry.

Join us in protecting the health and safety of all Coloradans

Fracking is harming much of what we all love about living in Colorado and why so many people like to visit – the fresh air, clean water, beautiful landscapes and a safe place to raise our families.

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