Faith & Spiritual Leaders for Prop 112

As faith leaders, we carry the mantle of our religious traditions to inspire and educate our communities to be stewards of Spirit’s sacred creation entrusted to us. All of our traditions affirm that creation is a rich web of relationships — not a collection of resources to exploit. We know that many people experience a direct connection with Spirit when outside in Nature, and have a sense of her priceless sanctity and our deep interdependence. It is up to us as faith leaders to remind people of this holy connection and our moral charge to care for and protect the Earth. Fracking directly contributes to climate change, poisons waterways, ground water and air, destroys ecosystems, and puts the health and safety of our communities at risk of explosions, accidents and exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

Yes! I support Proposition 112 for a statewide statutory ballot initiative to require safety buffer zones of 2,500 feet between fracking operations and homes, schools, playgrounds, occupied buildings, and water sources. Please list me as an endorser.

In addition to endorsing Proposition 112, additional actions you can take:

  1. Share this page with three or more colleagues
  2. Educate your congregation and community. Email: for copy
  3. Invite a Colorado Rising speaker to present to your congregation. Get speaker form or email:
  4. Obtain handout material. Email:
  5. Get a YES on 112 Yard Sign 


Quotes from Religious Traditions

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to serve it and to guard and protect it.”
Jewish & Christian, Genesis 2:15

“You shall not pollute the land in which you live…”
Jewish & Christian, Numbers 35:33

“In Christ God was reconciling the cosmos … and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us.”
Christian, 2 Corinthians 5:19

“Ether, air, fire, water, earth, planets, all creatures, directions, trees and plants, rivers and seas, they are all organs of God’s body. Remembering this a devotee respects all species.”
Hindu, Srimad Bhagavatam (2.2.41)

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” 
Native American Proverb

“The destiny of humans cannot be separated from the destiny of the earth.” 
A Perspective for Atheists from Thomas Berry

Statements of Support

“As a retired minister, I am keenly aware of the importance of faith communities in standing up for the possibility of a better world and the power of ethical authority in a group of people determined to make a difference. I strongly believe that this is the time for us to bring our full attention to the demands for justice in so many areas, including environmental justice. Corporate power that endangers the health and safety of our citizens – our neighbors – must not go unchecked.

The people of Colorado have been given a chance to experience direct democracy in the decision to mandate safer setbacks from the industrial process of oil and gas extraction. We need to do all we can to counter the misinformation and scare tactics that threaten a fair vote on this issue. We need to be leaders in our communities on this issue. To vote our conscience and to encourage others to do the same.

I’m convinced that mandating safer setbacks from fracking is the right thing to do. I’m also willing to say that the opponents of Prop 112, in their single-minded quest for profits regardless of the impacts on people and planet, are not fighting fair and are not telling the truth. I’m voting YES on 112 and encouraging my friends, neighbors and faith community to do so as well.

I hope you’ll join me.”

– Steve Todd, Retired Minister

“I stand strongly in support of Proposition 112 because the issue of protecting our communities and environment from the toxic effects of fracking is more than a moral, environmental issue, it’s an issue of human rights and democracy. It represents our hope for a sustainable, prosperous and cooperative future as a collective. Across the country, in many political arenas, whether it’s regarding health care and pharma, education, the military, our prison systems, voting rights, minimum wage, the free press and our rights to peacefully protest, we are facing the same pattern: Corporate power interests are negating the safeguards of our democracy and the welfare of We the People. Coloradans have a chance now to set an example for the rest of the country that the public can say no to the mutually destructive behavior of big business, safeguard our environment, our democracy, our human rights and our future generations and prevail.”

– Stephen Bross, Founder,

“Even as economic development is important in Colorado, alternative sources of energy are even more important. If we put all our eggs in the fracking basket, we may lose the opportunity to create a cleaner and more sustainable energy package.
That said, this proposition does not ask to eliminate fracking; it is asking for safer setbacks. As we do not know the proprietary chemicals used, we do not know how to guard against negative health influences, nor how to treat health issues. The LEAST we can do is further offset the drilling, for safety sake.
If we cannot figure out how to continue our economic growth without these hazardous chemical processes, it shows a lack of imagination, initiative, and promise for the future. It is our moral imperative to protect our children and our children’s children. Short term ease will never balance out long-term solutions. Please vote YES for Proposition 112.”

– Maggid Charna Rosenholtz, Aleph Ordination Program Rabbinic Student

“The recently released IPCC report emphasizes the urgent need for rapid action in combatting climate change lest we proceed past some irreversible tipping points. Proposition 112, which prohibits oil and gas development within 2,500 feet of homes and schools, has two positive effects: (1) it protects health and safety by eliminating the use dangerous chemicals in fracking near where people live, and (2) it will reduce the overall development of oil and gas in Colorado, stimulating the move to more renewable energy resources. On Nov. 6, let’s move toward a sustainable future.”

– William G. Mankin, Pastor, American Baptist Churches

“Let’s transform our frustration, our fierce feminine protective energy into action. We can’t stay alone and isolated within walls of our homes and just post things on social media in anger. We have to realize that we are not alone or helpless. And we have to pick one local issue and pour all of our energy there. One issue close to my heart in Colorado is proposition 112 which limits dangerous methane emissions and protects health and lives of people we love! We have limited time left to win this campaign. This is a moderate well researched effort to protect lives. As a climate scientist, Zen Buddhist and activist, I ask for your vote YES on 112.”

– Kritee Kanko, Ph.D, Boulder EcoDharma Sangha, Zen Teacher, Boundless in Motion

“Unitarian Universalists understand climate justice to be a moral imperative. We also affirm and promote the framework of race- and class-informed environmental justice and strive to center the leadership and needs of communities most affected by environmental risk. Proposition 112 gives people a voice in important environmental decisions. I vote YES.”

– Rev. Kelly Dignan, Unitarian Universalist Minister

“As an involved Catholic theologian, and someone who has studied and taught Pope Francis’s ‘Laudato Si’ encyclical on care for creation and the common good, I seek to help pass Prop 112 to create reasonable set-backs for oil and gas installations from any kinds of buildings. Health of humans and the natural world are paramount — more so than a financial bottom line. It’s time to move the economy and jobs into regeneration rather than extraction.”

– Celeste J. Rossmiller, PhD
Professor of Religion and member of an Intentional Eucharistic Community called 10:30 Catholic Community in Denver.

“As a people of faith we are called to be responsible stewards of creation caring for it and all who are part of creation. I support this initiative on behalf of my grandchildren and great grandchildren and my desire to leave them and all to come after a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment.”

– Rev. Wayne A Laws, Minister of Social Justice and Mission (Mountain View United Church)

“As a nation we must prioritize the health and wellbeing of our people.  Too often we have failed in that commitment by allowing some economic interest to be covered in a garb that seems acceptable when in fat is does harm while gaining income. We can and must do better.  Proposition 112 places our priorities in good order: first the health and welfare of our people and that with reliable water, quiet homes, and protected play of our children – there are no greater priorities, and profit can wait in line after these first are served.  We must once and for all develop the clean energy economy that sustains life.  Proposition 112 is a major step in the right direction.”

– Pastor Mark Meeks, Spiritual Leader, Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church

“Unitarian Universalists affirm a deep respect for the interconnected web of all existence. From the advancement of climate change to the use of chemicals that are hazardous to humans and other living things, fracking puts our environment and our people at risk. Proposition 112 requires safety buffer zones of 2,500 feet between fracking operations and homes, schools, playgrounds, occupied buildings, and water sources — keeping the chemicals and environmental degradation away from human beings. It is a hopeful start as we gain greater understanding about the long term impacts of fracking, not only on humans, but on our natural environment, including water and air. I vote YES on 112.”

– Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Unitarian Universalist minister

“The purpose and meaning of like is interconnection and transcendence of all beings, including Mother Earth.  We need to take care of the body, thoughts and the spirit in interconnection with other beings.”

– Mindahi C. Bastida Munoz, Director Original Caretakers Program, Center for Earth Ethics, Union Theological Seminary

“As Unitarian Universalists we affirm that all things are connected and that every being has inherent worth and dignity. Our communities deserve a voice in protecting their precious resources for future generations. As an eco-chaplain and committed earthling, I vote YES on 112.”

– Christopher Watkins Lamb, MDIV, Candidate for the Unitarian Universalist Ministry

“As a person of faith, and an ordained leader in my tradition, I am honored to stand for the stewardship of Creation and to fully endorse Proposition 112.  Proposition 112 establishes buffer zones, or setbacks, that will increase public safety and slow the expansion of fracking in Colorado.  In my Christian tradition, water is sacred, and indeed water is sacred in many faith traditions,  The use of water to extract fuel, and the severe degradation of that water in the process, creates a moral crisis.  In 2017, there were 15 explosions or fires in Colorado due to the extraction industries.  This is a clear crisis for all of our communities, including those who work within these industries.”

– Rev. Jessicca Abell, Colorado Organizer, GreenFaith, American Baptist Churches, USA

“The theological principle of eco-justice has been described as “the well-being of all humankind on a thriving Earth.” Those conditions are not being met when fracking crowds into local communities, and when our use of fossil fuels warps the global climate. I endorse Proposition 112 personally — as does the Board of Eco-Justice Ministries — as an essential step in local health and safety, in minimizing the damage of climate change, and in moving Colorado toward a just transition to a just and sustainable society.”

– Rev. Peter S. Sawtell, Executive Director, Eco-Justice Ministries

“It is time to stop exploiting our planet for profit.  It is our home!”

– H.E. Rev. Patrick McCollum, McCollum Foundation for Peace

Despite all the ads claiming to be about supporting communities by voting against Proposition 112, voting FOR this proposition is truly about supporting the health and well being of our communities.

– Joanie Trussel, Buddist Chaplain

As an interfaith minister and partner in The Aluna Fund, which is dedicated to the Unification of People and Planet, I fully support the Colorado Rising Movement. Preservation of Mother Earth is critical to our survival, as a species and as the soulful caretakers of God’s original gift to us – Nature. What we do in the next decade to reverse global warming will determine the fate of future generations. Let us be known – finally – as the generation that accepted and met our solemn responsibility to protect our planet.

– Rev. Laura M. George, J.D., Executive Director

May we live today for the world we wish to see tomorrow. Proposition 112 paves the way for a future where we gently and sustainably harvest the gifts of creation like solar, wind and geothermal energy (rather than the aggressive and destructive practices of oil and gas extraction.) Let us live in harmony and respect for the Earth.

– Willa Miller, Founding Teacher and Spiritual Director of NDF and Wonderwell Mountain Refuge

Of course we need to move fracking sites back from where they harm women and children (and everyone else.) Why was this an issue at all once the science became clear that it does hurt people?

Jeff Neuman-Lee, Minister at Whittier Community Church

I support and ask you to support Proposition 112 because, as part of the Jewish tradition, we are taught to care for the earth.  It is too risky to endanger the health of people who live near fracking wells, their lives and the water that surrounds them for the sake of short-term economic benefit.  Rather, we are responsible to be “shomrei adamah”, caretakes of the earth.  Proposition 112 is not an all or nothing proposal.  It represents a careful balancing act.The sages of long ago wrote, “When God created Adam, God led him around the Garden of Eden and said to him: “Behold my works! See how beautiful they are, how excellent! All that I have created, for your sake did I create it.  See to it that you do not spoil and destroy my world; for if you do, there will be no one to repair it after you.”  (Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13) Let’s not be the generation that spoil or destroys the world.  Let’s be a generation of caretakers.

Rabbi Deborah Ruth Bronstein, Congregation Har HaShem

“The Torah tells us that humanity was placed on the earth “to serve and to guard it” (Genesis 3). We need this reminder more now than ever. The earth is our home and we have a sacred responsibility, placed on us directly by the divine, to be guardians of our beautiful planet. As people of faith and as lovers of humanity, of God and of the earth, we will work together to fulfill this charge.”

Rabbi Sarah Bracha Gershuny, Congregation Nevei Kodesh


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