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Yes! I/we support the Colorado Rising for Health & Safety statewide statutory ballot initiative to establish buffer zones of 2,500 feet between fracking operations and occupied buildings (e.g. homes, schools, hospitals) and areas of special concern (e.g. playgrounds and water sources). Please list me/us as an endorser.

Statements of Support

“Fracking operations are invading urban areas of Colorado. When fracking operations are around our homes, schools, parks, and other vulnerable areas, all of us are in danger of the hazards of these operations. Being a native Coloradan, it is my obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and the environment. I support Colorado Rising and its ballot initiative because we deserve, our children deserve a clean, safe and healthy environment.”

Joe Salazar, State Representative & candidate for Colorado Attorney General

colorado state senator matt jones
“The Firestone tragedy was the latest incident to prove dangerous oil and gas wells have no business near family’s homes and schools. Colorado Rising for Health and Safety is a common sense safeguard that puts protecting people over profit.”

Matt Jones, Colorado State Senator & Candidate for Boulder County Commissioner

“I support this ballot measure because it puts Coloradans’ health and safety first. Since the oil and gas industry currently controls important parts of the state government and will do anything to avoid change, it is essential the people of Colorado make their voice heard.”

Mike Foote, Colorado House District 12 Representative

“My Constituents have fought since 2012 to protect our neighborhoods and schools from heavy industrial activities.  Since we’ve made little progress at the Capitol, I hope the People of Colorado can support this Initiative to give every community the peace of mind that health and safety is our first priority.”

– Johnathan Singer, Colorado House District 11 Representative

“I heartily endorse Proposition 112, and as a state legislator, I have direct experience with the oil and gas issue. We have a chance this year to get real results with Prop 112. I live in Boulder County and I’m a member of the local Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and most of the local residents I speak to have real concerns about the health and safety impacts of fracking near homes or schools. Any notion that this industrial activity trumps peoples’ rights to health and safety runs contrary to my values, and we need Prop 112’s setbacks to protect Colorado families, including kids, from the impacts.”

– Edie Hooton, Colorado House District 10 Representative

boulder county commissioner elise jones
“As a local elected official, my top priority is working to protect the health, safety and welfare of my constituents – which is why I am supporting this ballot initiative. The fatal explosion in Firestone was a tragic reminder that oil and gas drilling is a dangerous industrial activity that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near homes and schools. Requiring larger setbacks is a public safety no-brainer. Neighborhoods are for families, not for fracking!”

Elise Jones, Boulder County Commissioner

“I support this ballot measure because a 2,500 foot setback requirement from occupied structures from oil and gas operations would be a very valuable tool in our tool box as we work to protect the health and safety of our citizens.”

Deb Gardner, Boulder County Commissioner

“Given oil & gas operators are exempt from many federal laws and the COGCC exists only to rubber-stamp their activities, it is the duty of the people to rally in opposition to the onslaught of this industrial activity in our neighborhoods and on the environment. This measure is a meaningful step forward to protect the health and safety of the people of Colorado and the legacy we leave our children.”

Christiaan van Woudenberg, Erie Trustee, Editor-in-Chief, Erie Protectors.

“As City Councilor, middle school principal and mother it is my responsibility to fight for the health and safety of our constituents, my students and my own family. The Safer Setbacks Initiative would be a huge step in the right direction—preventing hazardous fracking near homes and schools and sending a clear message that neighborhoods are NOT the place for industrial operations.”

Chelsea Behanna, Lafayette City Councilor.

“Oil and gas development does not belong in our neighborhoods, period. If the state will not allow us local municipal leaders to protect our communities just as we do with every other industrial activity, we must support initiatives like this ballot measure. We have continually tried to change state law, but with the current influence the oil and gas industry holds over our state legislature and COGCC, all common sense regulations are rejected. 2,500 foot setbacks are a no-brainer and a critical step in fighting back.”

Jamie Harkins, Lafayette City Councilor.

“The Oil and Gas Threat Map produced by Earthworks has defined a threat radius within 1/2 mile of active oil and gas wells, compressors and processors impacting public health.  Coloradans who live, play and work within the threat radius have cause for concern including elevated cancer and respiratory health risks.  In Colorado there are nearly 250,000 people and 140 daycares and schools within this half mile area.  A 2,500 setback is a common sense regulation to better protect those living near this heavy industrial activity.”

Christine Berg, Lafayette City Mayor.

“It’s time to put the well-being of the many ahead of profits for the few. Colorado Rising’s 2500-foot setback protects children, families and communities from an aggressive extraction industry that shows little interest in the health of our people, land, water or air. I stand with those who have come together to protect us from the hazards of fracking and oil and gas development. And when I got to Washington DC, I’ll carry this message to Congress so that our concerns will be heard and acted upon.”

Mark Williams, candidate for Representative, 2nd Congressional District of Colorado

“Public safety and environmental protection should be the first and highest priorities of our government. As a Colorado state legislator, I’ll put the needs of our community ahead of special interests.”

Michael Kiley, candidate for Representative, Colorado House District 4

“Our legislature, at its best, is designed to protect kids and families, schools, and neighborhoods. And one of my campaign priorities is to “unstack the deck,” meaning that we need to prioritize people over profits. I drive a car, I heat my house. I understand our energy needs. But there is a place for oil and gas development and that’s not in our backyards. We place boundaries on all kinds of activities–carrying guns and buying alcohol, for example. This is just another, and one that places a common sense boundary around the places where people need and expect to be safe.”

Amy Beatie, candidate for Representative, Colorado House District 4

“The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has abdicated its duty to protect citizens from the dangerous and toxic process of fracking.  With substantial scientific evidence showing human health harm within 2500’, this ballot measure is an avenue for us to begin to protect ourselves, while we work to ban fracking altogether.”

Theresa Stets, candidate for representative, Colorado House District 12

“My commitment to protecting the environment and my concern for public health and citizen safety as a licensed Health Care professional make me a proud endorser of Initiative 97.”

Sonya Jaquez Lewis, candidate for representative, Colorado House District 12

“The Colorado Rising setback initiative is a critical measure that will help Colorado change course from its current direction of environmental destruction, the sacrifice of public health, and as a major contributor to global climate change. It is a long overdue measure that will begin to turn the tide and assists all front line communities to preserve some degree of basic protections against oil and gas drilling.”

-Cliff Willmeng, Candidate for Boulder County Commissioner

“Conservation is at the heart of the Republican Party and conserving our resources should also be a part of that vision. As the landscape of our oil and gas development changes, and we responsibly evolve with renewable energy, our now dense population should not be subjected to industrialized fracking so close to homes, schools, and water sources.”

Eric Rutherford, candidate for representative, Colorado House District 33

“For the last three years I’ve actively stood against the Oil Industry’s encroachment on our communities, only to witness the stranglehold Big Oil has on our State. Initiative 97 gives the people a tool to protect themselves and their wellbeing against Industry takeover and keeps industrial uses out of our backyards. I fully support Initiative 97.”

– Josh Zygielbaum Thornton City Councilman & Candidate for Adams County Clerk and Recorder

“For too long we have seen elected officials put the profits of corporations over the health, safety and regard of regular people.  We must stand up for our communities and our planet if we want a future for ourselves and our children.  Oil and gas profit from our communities, we must require them to do so safely, which is why I am endorsing the 2500 foot setback.  No amount of profit is more important than lives.”

– Colleen Zahradnicek Candidate for Denver City Council, District 4

“I support initiative 97 because health. Because kids. Because heavy industrial operations near homes disproportionately affects low income and people of color. Because taking a stand against the most powerful industry in the world. Because change never happens if you don’t challenge the status quo.”

– Nicole Johnston Aurora City Councilwoman

“I ran for office to protect the health and safety of my community. The current antiquated state laws do not adequately regulate large-scale drilling in densely populated areas. Since the State and the COGCC have prioritized the interests of the oil and gas industry and prevented local control, we the people are exercising our right to protect our families.”

– Guyleen Castriotta Broomfield City Councilwoman

“I proudly support fracking setbacks because our lives depend on clean air, soil, and water.”

– Martha Lugo Candidate for Aurora City Council

“I support Proposition 112 because I know from my own experience that the oilfield as an industry is not concerned with the wellbeing of its employees and is much less concerned with the health of the public. I first worked on the oil rigs running casing in the Permian Basin. Then later unloaded trailers full of empty sacks that had contained materials used to make drilling fluid. I would breathe in these powders while unloading these trailers at the landfill. I would ask for protective gear but was not provided it regularly. I started noticing that I produced a lot more phlegm. My lungs always felt full of mucus and I was always coughing it up. These are symptoms that I still have to this day.”

– Miguel Ceballos-Ruiz  Candidate for Denver City Council

“I support prop 112 because it puts the health and safety of our communities before corporate profits.”

– Steve Zorn  Candidate for Congressional District 7

climate activist bill mckibben of
“Countries around the world, and states around America, have banned fracking because of its health and environmental impacts. This ballot initiative merely asks for some common-sense guidelines. It’s hard to imagine that anyone really thinks we should be fracking so close to playgrounds, homes and schools.”

Bill McKibben, Author and Founder of

“I’ve always viewed my home in Colorado as a very safe place to grow up, until recently. Fracked gas explosions, polluted air and ever increasing climate change linked wildfires have turned the front page of the paper into a report on local disasters. Colorado Rising is doing everything possible to make sure Colorado is a safe and beautiful place for kids to grow up. I am proud to stand alongside these brave grassroots leaders as we work for a green job economy with fresh air, clean water and economic opportunity for all.”

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Earth Guardians Youth Director

“Common sense legislation is needed to protect the health and safety of Colorado residents and to protect Colorado’s environment for future generations.”

Suzanne Cabral, nurse, mother and leader with North Metro Neighbors for Safe Energy. Learn more about her fight to protect her family and community from fracking.

“Colorado Rising for Health and Safety is a common-sense measure that will prioritize the well-being of Coloradoans. If you believe that fracking operations should not be placed next to our homes and schools — and the very reservoirs that hold our drinking water — you’ll want to support this initiative.”

Jennifer Dulles, with Broomfield CAN

“The people of Longmont have made it clear that we don’t want fracking in our community. Without an outright ban, we must do everything we can to stop the oil and gas industry in its tracks. Setbacks represent a common sense barrier to keeping the harmful effects of fracking away from those most vulnerable. We stand with Colorado Rising on this important initiative.”

Abby Driscoll, Chair of the Board of Directors, Sustainable Resilient Longmont

“I believe that most Coloradans will agree that oil and gas industrial activity should not be alongside the places we live, work, play and go to school. Most people I know would put their health and safety and the welfare of others ahead of anything else, including economic interests.”

Emma Bray, Founder of Kids Against Fracking

“As a Colorado farmer, I am concerned about the effects of a changing climate and the stress our local ecosystems and resources are under. Our most precious resource, water, is getting pumped into the ground and removed from the natural hydrological cycle in order to extract more fossil fuels that will lead to more climate uncertainty. Seems like a negative feedback loop to me. Time to invest in our carbon-sequestering farmers, our soils, and clean energy projects. I’ve seen the dangers of off-gas events from fracking operations first hand, seen another farming family’s blood tests showing exposure, seen the unacceptable statistics for spills contaminating soil and water. 2,500 ft setback is the LEAST we can do to try to protect the civil liberties of Coloradans.”

Mark Guttridge, Ollin Farms

“Fracking is a dangerous and polluting industrial process, and as such should not take place anywhere near the places people live, go to school, play, or obtain their water. Additionally, methane leakage rates during the extraction and transportation processes negate any advantage that natural gas has over coal for power generation in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Colorado needs to wean itself off fossil fuels entirely by mid-century, and the Colorado Rising initiative to establish 2,500 foot buffer zones around new oil and gas wells is a great place to start.”

Kevin Cross, Convener, Fort Collins Sustainability Group

“Save EPA endorses this ballot initiative primarily because the oil and gas industry is a significant source of emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming potential more than 25 times that of carbon dioxide. It also is the largest industrial source of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a group of chemicals that contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone (smog). Exposure to ozone is linked to a wide range of health effects, including aggravated asthma, increased emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and premature death. In addition, many VOCs are toxic to humans.”

Jeff Hart, Save EPA co-founder

“Our children are precious and vulnerable, and it is absolutely clear after a leak mere feet from an elementary school playground in Erie, that we must protect them. We cannot continue to risk their health and safety, after all the only party who benefits is the oil and gas industry.”

Patricia Nelson, parent, Bella Romero Academy in Greeley

“The League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans supports Initiative 97, in support of local communities, requiring a 2,500 foot setback for new oil and gas operations from homes, schools, and playgrounds. It is time for oil and gas operators to stop brazenly pushing the limits and turning neighborhoods and school zones into heavy industrial zones. Without a willingness from our elected representatives at the state level to lead and bring about pragmatic changes to oil and gas policies, the Colorado Rising Initiative provides the reasonable course of action.” 

“LOGIC is proud to stand with our member groups Together Against Neighborhood Drilling (TAND); Citizens for Healthy Communities (CHC); Front Range Residents for Environment, Safety, and Health (FRRESH); and Broomfield Clean Air and Water (BCAW) in supporting Initiative 97.”

“For the past 21 years, IPS has been designing and installing renewable technologies including grid-tie,remote off-grid, battery back up, micro-grids, and small wind. Our work has taken us to remote locations as far as Kabul, Afghanistan and in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Point is, there’s no question that we have enough renewable energy technology and boots on the ground know-how to transform our energy economy away from fossil fuels and all of its environmental impacts TODAY. It’s not a question of “when the technology improves” therefore involving any leaps of faith-no excuses-it’s simply a matter of political will and, where it is lacking, individual might.”

Yolanda Duperret, General Manager, Independent Power Systems

“There has been a dramatic shift from small, singular vertical drilling sites in predominantly remote agricultural locations to industrial scale multi-well, multi-pad facilities near neighborhoods, schools and sometimes in tax payer funded open space. These industrial scale facilities have a cumulative impact on property values, quality of life, transportation, emergency preparedness and response, and most importantly public health and safety. Studies that show the dangerous impacts of these sites on surrounding populations, the environment and wildlife continue to emerge, especially as spills and safety breaches increase.

ACCDAN fully supports the ballot initiative proposed by Colorado Rising. Large scale oil and gas operations do not belong in our neighborhoods or near our schools.”

“Slow Food USA and its chapters’ mission is to create a dramatic and lasting change in the food system.  We envision a world in which all people can eat food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it and good for the planet: good, clean and fair food for all. Our farmers’ commitment to quality and the stewardship of clean soil, water and air are crucial to consumers and their perception and choice to buy good and clean food. The potential for soil, air and water contamination as a result of oil and gas development could destroy our Valley’s farms’ ability to market their products as organic and safe.”

Jim Brett
Leader, Slow Food Western Slope

“The impacts associated with oil and gas development to irrigation water, soil, domestic water, recreation, air quality, noise and light pollution, traffic, wildlife, community, contiguous farmland and viewshed threaten the livelihoods of Valley Organic Growers Association member farms. VOGA members would bear a severe financial burden and loss of their costumer base when oil and gas drilling and construction activity result in environmental damage.”

Emily Hartnett
President, Valley Organic Growers Association

“I strongly endorse this ballot initiative to increase the setback buffer zone because as a healthcare professional it is clear to me that chronic long-term low level toxic exposures to volatile organic compounds in the air nearby to active fracked gas extraction sites is a real and regular occurrence.  This happens throughout the lifetime of the well from the onset of drilling, through the active fracking stage, and then continues until the well is plugged, if ever.  Children and pregnant mothers are most at the risk of the undesirable health effects of these exposures.  There are many studies from across the United States documenting that this occurs, often intermittently, and is potentially more severe in nature the closer to oil and gas production one lives, works, plays, recreates, or goes to school.  Current regulations and practices in the oil/gas extractive process simply do not provide acceptable certainty that leakage or venting of volatile organic compounds into the ambient air at the well site can be prevented at a level that protects us.  This initiative provides a step forward in reducing the potential for exposures of children to the hazardous air toxics related to oil/gas production.”

Larry A. Moore, MD

“I support the proposed ballot initiative to increase set-backs for “fracking.”  My background is that of a Chemical Engineer graduate, with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering, and an MSPH [Public Health], and a Board Certification in Preventive Medicine -so I have a long-standing interest in health and population risks (epidemiology).
Let me speak plainly: I believe that fracking is bad for our health—it remains to be seen exactly how bad.  Finkel and Law (2011) said that “73%” of the fracking chemicals had risks for “skin, eye, …respiratory distress, including asthma, gastrointestinal and liver disease, brain… harm, cancers,” and negative reproductive effects.  In 2017 another study by Currie et al cited poor outcomes to babies born to mothers living within 3 km of fracking sites. The worst effects are for < 1 km (what we call “dose-response”, strengthening confidence in the truth of the finding), with 29,000 babies per year born to women living so close to a site. Greater set-backs are a step in the right direction.”

Anne Hazelton, MD, MSPH

“Fracking not only poses a risk to our surface and below-ground water and to the structure of the earth itself, as shown by the striking increase in earthquakes in fracking areas, but also to the health of those who live or work in places where fracking is done. The emission of methane, a far more important cause of warming than carbon dioxide, and its associated volatile, toxic organic compounds released during the fracking process comprise serious short- and long-term health risks. A study done by the Colorado School of Public Health in 2012 showed clearly that residents living less that a half-mile from a fracking site were at greater risk for negative neurological, respiratory, hematological, and developmental  effects. There also is an increased risk of cancer attributed to the release of benzene from the drilling process. All of these risks increase with the time of exposure. A drilling setback of 2500 feet from homes and businesses is a very sensible measure and is supported by medical and scientific investigations. Proposition 112 is good preventive medicine, good public health, good pediatric health, and in the best interest of all Coloradans who wish to preserve our environment and our healthy style of living.”

– J. Joseph Marr, MD

“Fracking is clearly harmful to human health and the health of our planet. Physician groups including the American Medical Association and Physicians for Social Responsibility warn about the health and environmental dangers of fracking — and of fossil fuels in general. Global warming is the greatest health threat of the 21st century. For survival of the human race and a livable planet, we must move beyond fossil fuels — now. Vote “yes” on Proposition 112.”

– George Bohmfalk, MD., retired neurosurgeon, Carbondale
– Steve Hessl, MD., retired occupational medicine physician, Carbondale
– Leslie Fuller, DO., retired anesthesiologist, Glenwood Springs
– Greg Feinsinger, MD., retired family physician, Carbondale

“I endorse Proposition 112. Our health and safety must be protected. There are ample studies to show that proximity to fracking sites present unacceptable health risks, especially to vulnerable people such as women of child-bearing age, the unborn, infants, children, and those with pulmonary and neurological illnesses. We must vote for this setback as a long-overdue step toward moving away from fossil fuel burning.”

– Ellen Lewis, MD., psychiatrist, Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics, Diplomate the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association.

Fracking poisons our bodies. Period. The harm is well documented and frightening. Prop 112 is our one and final opportunity to save ourselves and our children from disease.

– Charley Cropley, ND. Naturopathic Behavioral Medicine

“As a Clinical Psychologist, I am concerned about the emotional trauma that people experience when they fear that they are unsafe in their neighborhoods. The incessant noise, the smell, the pollution, the flaring and the frequent explosions would cause most residents, including children, to worry that they might be harmed by these industrial gas and oil installations. Health studies indicate that emotional and physical trauma and illness increases exponentially among those who lives next to drill sites in their backyards. Children should not have to play on school playgrounds in the shadow of this industry.”

– Diana Bray, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

I support Prop 112.  Setbacks of at least 2500 feet are needed to protect our citizens and children from exposure to the toxins released into air by fracking wells.”

– Julie Carpenter, MD Family Practice

“I support Prop 112.  Research at our Colorado School of Public Health and other respected institutions point to increased risk for birth defects, acute lymphocytic leukemia, extremely low birth weight babies, and new or increased negative respiratory effects for those living in proximity to concentrations of oil and gas wells.  In the case of accidents and fires (and we know they happen) current setbacks are too close to protect people from explosions, radiant heat, toxic gas clouds and air pollution.  Prop 112 will protect our most vulnerable individuals and will save lives.”

– Barbara Donachy, MPH

“I work in a busy Pediatric Clinic where we take care of children from newborns to 18 year olds. We also advocate for children in our society. It is well known that children are more vulnerable to  the effects of environmental toxins than adults. Placing oil and gas operations near playgrounds, soccer fields, schools and neighborhoods may threaten children’s health by increasing exposure to: air pollution from gas emissions, potential water contamination. noise pollution, potential for accidents, leaks, explosions, social disruption by changing local environment.  Are jobs really more important than our children’s health?  I support Prop 112- Safer Setbacks for Fracking.”

– Margaret DeKoven, PA in Evergreen, CO

“As a health care professional on the front lines in the fight against cancer, I am alarmed, and outraged, at the particularly toxic nature of the entire fracking process; the so-called ‘natural gas’ revolution literally poisons our air, land, and water – and then our bodies – with nearly zero chemical disclosure requirements.  Proposition 112 ensures a basic – minimal – buffer zone for our safety from some of the harshest industrial chemicals out there.  Seriously – think about it: the chemicals routinely used, and in the waste products, of the fracking process are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and other highly toxic compounds – such as benzene, methane, cadmium…  Do you really want to give the billionaire oil and gas industry carte blanche to do this right near your home? Your children’s schools?  Vote Yes on proposition 112.”

– Don Lieber, Surgical Technologist

“My background  includes experience in the R&D of Molecular Diagnostic assays  for various cancers.  Cancer is a very complicated disease that can require a multiple of different types of  “environmental assaults” and many years to fully develop. My fear is that we  are only at the tip of the iceberg with respect to a more complete  awareness of the  harmful effects that fracking is causing to our health. We need to support Proposition 112 to the fullest.”

– Edward N. Granados, PhD, Biological Chemist

“The science is clear – hydraulic fracturing is a dangerous practice that has no place in our playgrounds and backyards. Reasonable setbacks to safeguard our communities are badly needed to protect Colorado’s children, clean air, and drinking water.”

Michael Saul, Center for Biological Diversity

“Our Revolution Boulder is proud to endorse Proposed Initiative #97. This statewide ballot measure will require a safe, scientifically-sound buffer of 2,500 feet between new industrial oil and gas wells and any occupied structures such as homes, neighborhoods, schools, and hospitals. The commonsense measure is a critical step to thwarting fracking in Boulder County and throughout the state. Our Revolution Boulder urges all who are concerned about the environment to support Proposed Initiative #97.”

– Our Revolution Boulder

“The Colorado Rising initiative is an opportunity for us as local residents to step up, support the environment and the public health of our community. More than that, it is our responsibility to lead by example, saying no to projects that harm the places where we live, work, and play. The science speaks for itself. With our communal support, we can and must do our best to preserve Colorado’s natural beauty and safeguard the health and well-being of its communities for generations to come. As an Investment Adviser who takes particular interest in sustainable and socially responsible investments, I am struck daily by the impact we can make with each decision in all aspects of our lives. I fully support initiative 112 and hope you will add your voice too. .”

– David McMillan Co-Founder, Caledonia Wealth Management

“The WILD Foundation supports this ballot measure which seeks to protect our communities as well as our environment, which all life depends on. Fracking is a dangerous, destructive practice that does not belong anywhere near our homes, schools, or any other types of occupied buildings.”

– Melanie Hill Wild Foundation

“The League of Women Voters or Colorado support Proposition #112.  This proposal will establish a commonsense buffer zone between new oil and gas development and homes, schools, playgrounds and drinking water sources. The distance of 2,500 feet, almost 1⁄2 mile, aligns with evacuation zones used by first responders and a growing body of peer-reviewed studies that show an increased risk of negative health impacts within 1⁄2 mile, including elevated cancer risk, respiratory problems, birth defects and low birth weight. This proposal will update Colorado’s regulations to address new technologies and the scale of current drilling to protect our health, safety and quality of life with the inevitable harms and associated with hydraulic fracturing near neighborhoods and our water.”

– League of Women Voters of Colorado

“Without Proposition 112, Colorado will destroy its already dwindling water supplies just as we need that water most.  Colorado’s youth has no choice but to endorse 112 because, without this amendment, our future will continue to be thrown away.  Keep Colorado Green says no to fracking in our communities and yes to a greener, cleaner, brighter future.”

– Matthew Barad, Founder of Keep Colorado Green

“Drilling for oil and gas and burning it to power our cars and homes creates pollution that threatens our health and fuels climate change. Oil and gas extraction also contaminates our water and land when it spills. Technological advances mean we no longer have to choose between powering our lives and protecting our health. We should transition away from fossil fuels and Proposition 112 moves us down that path by eliminating new oil and gas drilling in the areas closest to people, our parks, and our waterways.”

– Danny Katz, State Director, CoPIRG

Additional endorsements

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