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Yes! I/we support the Colorado Rising for Health & Safety statewide statutory ballot initiative to establish buffer zones of 2,500 feet between fracking operations and occupied buildings (e.g. homes, schools, hospitals) and areas of special concern (e.g. playgrounds and water sources). Please list me/us as an endorser.


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“Countries around the world, and states around America, have banned fracking because of its health and environmental impacts. This ballot initiative merely asks for some common-sense guidelines. It’s hard to imagine that anyone really thinks we should be fracking so close to playgrounds, homes and schools.”
– Bill McKibben, Author and Founder of

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“The Firestone tragedy was the latest incident to prove dangerous oil and gas wells have no business near family’s homes and schools. Colorado Rising for Health and Safety is a common sense safeguard that puts protecting people over profit.”
– Colorado State Senator Matt Jones

“I support this ballot measure because it puts Coloradans’ health and safety first. Since the oil and gas industry currently controls important parts of the state government and will do anything to avoid change, it is essential the people of Colorado make their voice heard.”
– Colorado House District 12 Representative Mike Foote

“I’ve always viewed my home in Colorado as a very safe place to grow up, until recently. Fracked gas explosions, polluted air and ever increasing climate change linked wildfires have turned the front page of the paper into a report on local disasters. Colorado Rising is doing everything possible to make sure Colorado is a safe and beautiful place for kids to grow up. I am proud to stand alongside these brave grassroots leaders as we work for an green job economy with fresh air, clean water and economic opportunity for all.”
– Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Earth Guardians Youth Director

“Common sense legislation is needed to protect the health and safety of Colorado residents and to protect Colorado’s environment for future generations.”
– Suzanne Cabral, nurse, mother and leader with North Metro Neighbors for Safe Energy. Learn more about her fight to protect her family and community from fracking.

“Colorado Rising for Health and Safety is a common-sense measure that will prioritize the well-being of Coloradoans. If you believe that fracking operations should not be placed next to our homes and schools — and the very reservoirs that hold our drinking water — you’ll want to support this initiative.”
– Jennifer Dulles, with Broomfield CAN

“The people of Longmont have made it clear that we don’t want fracking in our community. Without an outright ban, we must do everything we can to stop the oil and gas industry in its tracks. Setbacks represent a common sense barrier to keeping the harmful effects of fracking away from those most vulnerable. We stand with Colorado Rising on this important initiative.”
– Abby Driscoll, Chair of the Board of Directors, Sustainable Resilient Longmont

“I believe that most Coloradans will agree that oil and gas industrial activity should not be alongside the places we live, work, play and go to school. Most people I know would put their health and safety and the welfare of others ahead of anything else, including economic interests.”
– Emma Bray, Founder of Kids Against Fracking

“Fracking is a dangerous and polluting industrial process, and as such should not take place anywhere near the places people live, go to school, play, or obtain their water. Additionally, methane leakage rates during the extraction and transportation processes negate any advantage that natural gas has over coal for power generation in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Colorado needs to wean itself off fossil fuels entirely by mid-century, and the Colorado Rising initiative to establish 2,500 foot buffer zones around new oil and gas wells is a great place to start.”
– Kevin Cross, Convener, Fort Collins Sustainability Group

“Save EPA endorses this ballot initiative primarily because the oil and gas industry is a significant source of emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming potential more than 25 times that of carbon dioxide.

It also is the largest industrial source of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a group of chemicals that contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone (smog). Exposure to ozone is linked to a wide range of health effects, including aggravated asthma, increased emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and premature death. In addition, many VOCs are toxic to humans.”
– Jeff Hart, Save EPA co-founder

Given oil & gas operators are exempt from many federal laws and the COGCC exists only to rubber-stamp their activities, it is the duty of the people to rally in opposition to the onslaught of this industrial activity in our neighborhoods and on the environment. This measure is a meaningful step forward to protect the health and safety of the people of Colorado and the legacy we leave our children.
– Christiaan van Woudenberg, Editor-in-Chief, Erie Protectors.

“The health and safety of current and future generations must take priority over profits. We are not a sacrifice zone.”
– Megan Meyer, UNC Earth Guardians youth group

“For our future generations, for the future of all life on the planet let us always keep in mind that we are all in this together.”
– Donato Perl, Greeley

“The environmental and health impacts of fracking are severe. We must protect the health and safety of Colorado residents.”
– Leslie Glustrom, Boulder

“I endorse this ballot I initiative we must put health and safety first.”
– AnnMarie Cleary, Broomfield

“Who knows what’s going on way down underneath my house.”
–  Kathy Ensz, Greeley

“We are at a point where fracking in NorthEastern Colorado has reached a state of overdose!”
– Ana Schultz, Greeley

“Weld Air and Water is a community based organization that has been working on educating the citizens of Colorado on environmental and health concerns surrounding oil and gas development. In our researching this situation we have found overwhelming scientific evidence that ‘further away is better, and never there is better still.'”
– Carl Erickson, Weld Air and Water

The Oil & Gas Industry’s absolute control of our political and regulatory systems allows growing abuses and threats to our children, homes, communities, environment and economies. It is clear we must rein in and check the oil & gas industry to move to a balanced and healthy future!”
– Janet Johnson, Grand Junction

“I support this ballot initiative because industrial oil and gas activity should not be mixed in with residential areas. A setback of 2500 feet is based on data rather than the arbitrary number today.”
– Kim McNaughton, Broomfield

“Clean Energy Action’s mission is to accelerate the transition to the post-fossil fuel world. Our vision for this world is one in which our citizens and their children are protected from hazardous and reckless industrial practices. It is a vision in which we use decentralized decision-making, local innovation, and citizen power to meet our energy needs in ways that promote social justice and ensure that clean power is accessible to all classes and demographics. It is one in which we engage in open discussion and empirically-driven scholarship to avoid the pitfalls of false promises and dishonest solutions. It is a vision of a world in which we constantly seek out new ways to improve our balance with our environment in order to preserve the beautiful planet on which we live. We feel that Colorado Rising’s ballot initiative is in keeping with this vision, reflects our values, and provides common sense regulations for energy production in Colorado.”
– Conor May, Clean Energy Action

“Fracking is an extremely destructive mining practice that is inadequately regulated while supported by politicians from both major political parties. The production and consumption of fossil fuels contributes to the destruction of the Earth’s land, water, ecosystems and climate. Fracking in the US is primarily intended for export of liquefied natural gas to other nations, which if expanded, will significantly accelerate drilling and the associated harms. Fracking also diverts investment dollars from the production and distribution of efficiently processes and renewable technologies, which are our main hope for reigning in carbon emissions and providing people with sustainable energy needed for life functions. The oil and gas industry has for decades profited from the avoidance of regulation both at the federal and state levels. It is time to make the industry accountable to the public and to ensure that it is not allowed to freely impose its massive social and environmental costs upon people and the environment.”
– Ken Bonetti, Boulder, CO

“WE CAN DO BETTER to protect Colorado from careless and reckless drilling practices. This Initiative is one step in providing that protection with common sense guidelines. Support Public Safety.
Lauren Swain, Denver, CO: “Despite our repeated pleas, our state agencies and legislature have failed to provide Colorado residents with reasonable protections from the unacceptable hazards of residential drilling and fracking, including fires, explosions, spills, toxic emissions, ozone pollution, and water contamination. Citizens must take action on their own behalf by requiring that any new drilling be kept a reasonable distance from homes, schools, workplaces, parks, and water sources. Our very lives depend on it.”
– Shelia Canfield-Jones, Bailey, CO

“My property in East Greeley is surrounded by oil and gas drilling operations. It is disheartening to see how close they are and how much pollution they cause, especially air and ground pollution. The closest drilling is less than 1000 feet from my house — way TOO close in my opinion. I am thankful I do not have children, however I definitely worry about the health effects on me and my animals. I have asthma and the fracking and drilling has only made it worse.  I would do anything to increase the setbacks from people’s homes and schools. I am thrilled to see this ballot initiative moving forward!”
– Carol St Jean, Greeley

“I have asthma and cannot even drive through Weld County and other areas severely affected by fracking. Not only does it constrict my airways, it constricts my soul. There is no honor in this grab-and-go pillaging of our precious land, air, and water (because they know wind, solar, and other green options are cheaper, cleaner, and far more conducive to healthy, abundant living in Colorado).”
– Kristina Woodall, Longmont

“The health and well being of Coloradans should come before the profits of the oil and gas industry, and establishing buffer zones against toxic fracking is an easy first step. Establishing guidelines to protect our children from living and playing under fracking rigs should be a no brainer.”
– Rebecca Sobel, Wild Earth Guardians:

“Fracking has been shown to cause health issues and environmental damage. I do not want this any where I live and certainly not near my grand daughters school.”
– Carle Churgin, Lafayette, CO

“Fracking should be done in less populated areas. 2500′ from buildings or people isn’t enough. Go to Alaska and frack your hearts out.”
– Kathryn Novak, Erie, CO

“301 here in Broomfield took a lot of work and we are ready for it again in 2018 armored with stay at home parents, votechs, physicians, techies, lawyers, students, nurses, and more. We gave COGCC a chance to hear us and they heard and ignored us. So, it’s #HammerTime”
– Heidi Henkel, Broomfield, CO

“The compounding preponderance of peer reviewed studies shows the dire health effects on communities and workers.”
– Benita Phillips, Palisade, CO