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Action Alert

Send an email: Weld County ozone designation​

Ever wonder why only part of Weld County is included in the EPA’s map of counties exceeding rules for ozone pollution? Turns out, it is likely a mapping mistake, and now the EPA is finally proposing to fix it. If this fix happens, it would mean that Weld County’s thousands of oil and gas wells may be forced to reduce their emissions! 

For more than 15 years, the Denver Metro and North Front Range areas have suffered from dangerous levels of smog, also known as “the brown cloud” which can be seen hovering above the horizon from miles away. Smog, made up mainly of ground-level ozone, causes a variety of problems, including asthma attacks and even death — and it damages native trees like ponderosa pine and aspens. Fracking for oil and methane gas is a primary cause of this smog. 

In 2016, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) actually opposed designating all of Weld County as being in non-attainment with air quality standards, while the Trump administration let fracking in northern Weld County off the hook for its pollution. As a result, thousands of Weld County’s polluting oil & gas wells lie outside of the current (and arbitrary) non-attainment boundary line. Exempting a huge percentage of Weld County’s ozone-creating polluters is not acceptable.

It is time to fix this mistake and more accurately account for all of the ozone pollution in Weld County. Only then can our existing air quality regulations be enforced for improved health and safety of all Coloradans.

Right now, we have an opportunity to get ALL of Weld County included in the EPA’s “serious non-attainment” classification for air quality rule violations! So take action now! 


Here are two quick actions you can take right now:

Send a “one-click email” now to the Colorado AQCC encouraging them to follow EPA recommendations and designate ALL of Weld County in the Front Range non-attainment zone for ozone pollution.


Tell the EPA to hold Weld County accountable



Statewide Petition

Gov Polis, Support State Employees & Scientists

335 people have signed on so far. This petition is still circulating!

We are asking Governor Jared Polis to support those state employees, scientists, and their scientific integrity, which is sorely needed to protect our communities and Colorado’s environment from polluters.

Local Campaign

Larimer County O&G moratorium

Commissioners voted in favor of extending both moratoriums for 6 months!

We led a phonebank to encourage residents to testify in support of extending the moratoriums. This led to a high turnout – mostly in favor of extending both moratoriums. Our voices were heard!

Local Petition

 Erie, CO Air Quality Monitoring

217 people signed in support for engaging air quality monitoring in Erie! Erie Town Board approved agreements for air quality monitoring service on May 11th, 2021. Erie will contract through Boulder A.I.R. & Ajax Analytics.

Our Tactics


As long as the oil & gas industry continues to spread their lies, we will continue to spread the truth: fracking is a boom-and-bust business destroying our health, safety, air, water, economy, and climate.

Community Outreach

Lifting our communities up by giving them the tools to fight for their land, water and air rights.


Our goal is to use aggressive legal and political strategies to stop oil & gas permits in order to protect and defend our air, land, water, health, and climate…