about the outdoor series

When: Thursday, February 23rd 6-8 pm
Where: Patagonia in Rino [2600 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205]

Colorado's outdoor and recreation industry is one of the state's largest providers of jobs and state revenue. Sadly, climate change - being driven largely by fossil fuel operations - is taking a toll on our outdoor opportunities with decreased snowpack, longer drought seasons, increases in severity and frequency of wildfires, heatwaves, and unprecedented number of Ozone Alert days. The climate crisis threatens the future of our outdoor spaces, recreational opportunities, jobs, economy and Colorado way of life. Each event will focus on the economic impacts climate change brings to all 4 seasons and will feature a unique panel of experts, community advocates, athletes & outdoor enthusiasts that all have their own unique outdoor mission.

Join us on February 23rd, as the Outdoor Series: Winter event brings together expert voices from the scientific, environmental economics, and outdoor adventure community to share perspectives on how warming temps are taking a toll on our winters and the future of our outdoor winter recreation industry.

Whether that be gathering research and data or building community and accessibility in the outdoors, we'll find a common ground by banding together to preserve our winter seasons and discuss the importance of advancing diversity and inclusivity in our open spaces. We will also discuss the historic barriers to accessibility and inclusivity of outdoor recreation in terms of race, gender, class, and other identities and what is at stake with the climate crisis.

This series is being held in partnership with Patagonia and Protect Our Winters. This will be a hybrid event, with opportunities to attend in person or online. The in-person event will be hosted at the Patagonia Store in Denver and will have a DJ, beer and catering.

Melting Gondola Artwork inspired by the "Melted Gondola" sculpture by Chris Erikson. 
Photo credit:
from CPR - Michael Elizabeth Sakas/CPR News
Vibes for the night

Music by DJ Mantra

Aloe is a Music + Art Curator + Environmental Engineer


Drinks by Lady Justice Brewery

Aloe is a Music + Art Curator + Environmental Engineer

Speakers & Panelists

More speakers coming soon!

Rebecca Rolph

10 years experience in Arctic Climate Modeling, now works for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, closely working with the U.S. Department of Energy and external companies to develop American Offshore Wind.
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Dr. Jude Bayham

Environmental and Resource Economist at Colorado State University
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TR Heydman

Snowsports Enthusiast and Indigenous Scholar.
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Rosie Sanchez

Co-Chair, Next 100 CO and Ops Coord, All In IceFest
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