It's time to protect our communities from fracking


Colorado Rising is a statewide grassroots coalition of people and organizations working together to protect our communities from the dangers to public health and safety of fossil fuel operations – from extraction to combustion – to promote the transition off fossil fuels, and to protect our environment for future generations.

Colorado Rising engages in community empowerment, education, litigation and policy efforts to support the growing public demand for protection for our communities from the serious impacts of fossil fuel activities on public health, safety, our environment and global climate.

The unfortunate outcome of the 2018 election on Proposition 112 for safer setbacks does not change the fact that oil and gas operations are dangerous and should not be happening close to Colorado homes, schools and drinking water. Colorado Rising will continue to work hard until our Colorado neighborhoods are safe from these dangerous operations.

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Oil & gas is one of the most powerful industries in the world.

In 2018, the oil and gas industry unleashed an unprecedented $40 million propaganda campaign against Colorado Rising’s Proposition 112.  Despite these overwhelming odds, Proposition 112 garnered over 1.1 million votes from Coloradans in the November 2018 election, proving how concerned voters are about the impacts of oil and gas extraction on our communities.

This corrupt industry hired people to harass Colorado Rising’s volunteers and paid our signature gathering firms to stop working with us.  During the 2018 election, the oil and gas industry spent millions on advertisements purposefully designed to confuse voters with misleading information.  The industry’s other underhanded tactics of paying bribes and covertly funding favorable studies shows the lengths to which this greedy industry will go.

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The oil and gas industry spent over $40 million to defeat Proposition 112 – our citizen-led, all-volunteer grassroots effort needs your help. 100% of donated funds go towards protecting communities from one of the most powerful industries in the world. Colorado Rising is frugal and volunteer-based, but we still need donations toward future efforts. Help us make history with a donation to this vital cause:


Right now we have an opportunity to take action where there’s been inaction for far too long.

We need dedicated volunteers to join us in standing up for local communities – there are many different ways to help. Make friends, have fun, and be part of something bigger – it’s time for us to come together and show what community means.

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