Colorado Rising and CFI Host Webinar on Economic Issues: O&G VS the Outdoor Industry

Aug 22 Webinar Explored Economic Impact of O&G in Colorado

The oil & gas industry loves to tout themselves as the backbone of Colorado’s workforce and economy in Colorado.. but is that really true? or just industry gaslighting??
On August 22, 2023, Colorado Rising and the Colorado Fiscal Institute (CFI) held an informative webinar that compared economic and job data between the oil & gas industry versus our outdoor recreation industry here in Colorado.
Chris Stiffler, Senior Economist at the Colorado Fiscal Institute broke down the numbers and explained how these two industries stack up when it comes to jobs and revenue. Attendees also learned about the externalities (negative consequences) associated with oil & gas development that the industry isn’t telling the public about, and how these operations impact our outdoor opportunities and local economies.
Chris Stiffler is a senior economist at the Colorado Fiscal Institute. Chris got his start explaining economics in 2009, writing an explanatory economics column for his small hometown newspaper in western Pennsylvania. Chris has spent the past 10 years researching a number of topics including: affordability of public transit around Denver, better ways to measure economic growth in Colorado, Colorado school finance, the Colorado state budget, TABOR, wage theft, immigration, paid family leave, minimum wage, and income inequality.
Chris is also a part-time adjunct professor of economics at the University of Denver. He’s climbed all of Colorado’s 14ers and thru-hiked the Colorado Trail.

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