CORising for Communities debuts new mini-doc “GasLit” Series

Announced: Colorado Rising for Communities is excited to share the premiere episode of our new mini-documentary web series in honor of Earth Day, 2023! 

The Gaslit Series features short documentaries to shine a spotlight on the under-told true unscripted stories of real Coloradans living with the impacts of oil and gas operations. The extraction and production of oil and gas in the American West is already having, and will continue to have, generations-long impacts on all of us. 

From workers who have been injured on the job; to parents worried about wells drilled within a stone’s throw of their schools and homes; to the farmer who watches the skies and fears for the future of farming in the midst of historic drought; to outdoor retailers and enthusiasts watching our outdoor lifestyle (and economy) disappear in the wake of wildfires and unprecedented numbers of ozone alert days, these unique and seemingly unrelated stories share one common thread… we are all being Gaslit by the lies and false promises of the fossil fuel industry. 

Over 16,000 people tuned in to watch the first episode of GASLIT after the series launched on Earth Day. The premiere video told the story of Andre Houssney, a regenerative farmer in Colorado who fears for the future of farming as he witnesses the worsening effects of fossil-fuel driven climate change year after year.  Watch it here.

In May we brought you Kathy’s story. Kathy moved to Colorado in 1981 for the same reasons as so many others – her love of the outdoors, access to open space, beautiful views and fresh mountain air – and eventually found her dream home in Longmont. Then came the oil & gas landmen pressuring Kathy and her neighbors to lease their mineral rights for fracking. Then came the drilling rigs. Then came the truck traffic and heavy equipment. Then came the incessant noise, lights, vibrations, toxic emissions and foul odors at all times of day and night. Kathy’s dream had just turned into a living nightmare.  Watch it here.

Stay tuned for the third Gaslit episode featuring Glenwood Springs City Councilmember Jonathan Godes as he shares perspective on how the transportation of oil & gas by rail through Glenwood Canyon – and along the Colorado River – pose an unthinkable threat to Colorado, and much of the Western United States.

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