Letters: Loveland Fracking

Titled – Let’s Protect Loveland From Fracking

Please urge our city councilors and Mayor Marsh to deny any future fracking permits being set forth by Troy McWhinney, et al. As residents of this city, we need to hold City Councilmembers Foley, Overcash, Fogle, McFall, Mallo and Olson accountable for their votes in support of fracking in our protected natural areas. The councilors listed voted in support of fracking on Jan. 18, 2022; I applaud Councilor Samson for voting in favor of protecting Loveland residents and the natural beauty that called us to live here. Thank you also to Mayor Marsh, who advocated for a moratorium so that more information may be made available to City Council and residents.

Big oil does not care about the negative effects fracking will bring to our climate and citizens. Clearly six sitting council members do not care about the health of its citizens. They might be worried about being sued by McWhinney and creating a bottleneck to his project. We as citizens must continue to urge our City Council and mayor to stop any future permitting for oil and gas fracking projects in our state.

We know money speaks, but we the people must speak louder. Call and email the City Council, Mayor Marsh, Sen. Marchman, Gov. Polis. Make noise; get loud. Write letters to every editor to every newspaper in this state, because we all will suffer if fracking continues to be allowed to occur in Colorado. Get involved with organizations like Colorado Rising (https://corising.org/community-misled/), contact KUNC, be the squeaky wheel that ensures our community and future generations can remain healthy and protected from big oil and people like McWhinney.

Aida Zygas, Loveland

Link to full LTE at the Reporter-Herald.

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