Loveland Residents Not In Love With Neighborhood Fracking Proposal

Lauren Petrie February 15, 2022

Loveland Residents Not In Love With Neighborhood Fracking Proposal
Residents feel betrayed by Troy McWhinney’s plan to frack peaceful Centerra neighborhood

Loveland, CO – Residents in Loveland are feeling more heartbreak than love for neighbor Troy WcWhinney, a real estate mogul and entrepreneur, who recently unveiled plans to frack the Centerra neighborhood. Following Loveland’s famous Sweetheart Festival this weekend, residents are sending Troy McWhinney a message: “Don’t Go Fracking Our Hearts” spelled out in the iconic sugar-coated sweetheart candies. The fracking proposal includes two well pads with up to 26 wells being drilled near hundreds of existing homes, High Plains Elementary STEAM school where kids could explore the surrounding lakes and habitat through eco-field trips, sensitive areas near the Thompson River, Boyd Lake, and Houts Reservoir jeopardizing health and safety, as well as the surrounding pristine habitat and wildlife.

Centerra area resident Marian McCafferty stated, “We moved to Loveland from Denver a couple of years ago. We were drawn by the beautiful scenery, wildlife, and lakes. McWhinney wants to destroy this beautiful environment near our home, tainting our first-time experience as homeowners. We must not let that happen, for us, and for the local wildlife who are unable to use their voice as a tool.”

As houses were marketed as high-efficiency green star homes, many residents are expressing shock and frustration feeling that they were duped into buying a home in a quiet haven community hailed as a “sanctuary” that will now also be home to loud, polluting, toxic emission-spewing industrial drilling activity. Many residents have stated they never would have purchased a home in the Centerra housing development if they had known it would be fracked. Angry residents also want to prevent new and unsuspecting homebuyers from falling victim to the same fate in the future.

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