Sandra’s Story

Sandra Dugan

In September we moved to Colliers Hill from out-of-state. It was easy to be attracted to this growing community and the signs effectively blasting “come raise a family here” speak to what we are looking for in a new home. As the walls around the Mae-J pad went up this excitement for the future turned into fear. The law in Colorado now requires 2,000 ft. setbacks because of the danger posed to residents and especially children. And yet here is a massive site developing around 500 ft. from brand new homes. The timeline of permitting and development has no attachment to the ever-growing scientific consensus of the risks. There are now homes within shouting distance of 3 Occidental Petroleum mega-pads in my neighborhood.

It is unconscionable that our elected officials have allowed this to happen through the simultaneous approval of heavy oil and gas operations next to rapid exurban residential expansion. It was a choice to permit both. Nevertheless, here we are, and now it is up to Erie, Weld County, and the COGCC to mitigate the risks of these previous decisions.

Continuous air-quality monitoring was approved in Erie last month. While we wait on implementation, we must continue to enact strict protective regulations and reverse setbacks prioritizing health and welfare. We need leaders who will fight for the community at every turn, and prove this is a safe place to raise a family. We proudly join the other residents who have long advocated for just protection and we request your support.

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