Colorado Oil and Gas Association Responds to Declaratory Action to Reinstate Fracking Ban


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Colorado Oil and Gas Association Responds to Declaratory Action to Reinstate Fracking Ban

Industry can’t get their story straight on what the law allows

LONGMONT, CO – Yesterday, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) responded to Our Longmont’s and Food & Water Watch’s declaratory judgment action asking the Boulder County District Court to find that Longmont’s fracking ban (Article XVI) now complies with state law. Recent legislation known as SB19-181 went into effect in April 2019 granting local governments the power to regulate the oil and gas industry in a manner that is more strict and more protective than state law.

Of note, in COGA’s response was its claim that SB19-181 does not allow local governments to enact bans or long-term moratoria on oil and gas extraction. However, during the legislative process surrounding SB19-181, COGA representatives continuously asserted that SB19-181 would allow local bans. In fact, COGA’s own documents ( describe “local restrictions, prohibitions, and unlimited fees” as some of the local control provided by SB19-181.

Even Ken Salazar, former US Secretary of the Interior, former US Senator and former Colorado Attorney General weighed in on the legislation with a letter published on COGA’s website opposing the bill. According to the letter, Salazar wrote: “S.B. 181 will give unfettered control to local governments to do what they want, including effectively banning oil and gas development within their jurisdictions.” (

Anne Lee Foster, Communications Director for Colorado Rising said, “Once again, the oil and gas industry can’t keep their story straight and is attempting to manipulate the narrative for their own gain. Coloradans are sick of being gaslit by a dangerous industry that’s just trying to protect their corporate profits. It is within our power as communities to decide how industrial operations happen in our neighborhoods.”


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