Colorado Rising Notifies COGCC Of Possible Legal Action For Failed Penalty Enforcement


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Colorado Rising Notifies COGCC Of Possible Legal Action For Failed Penalty Enforcement

Oil and Gas Severance Tax Violations Should and Can Be Enforced

DENVER, CO – Yesterday, February 6th, 2020, Colorado Rising for Communities, the sister organization to Colorado Rising, sent a letter to the Director of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Jeff Robbins, seeking clarification of the agency’s statement to the press that they would not be enforcing penalties against oil and gas operators who failed to properly file severance tax reports, possibly shorting the state millions of dollars in revenue. The statement was made in regards to Colorado Rising for Communities complaint with the COGCC seeking enforcement and penalties against 316 oil and gas operators for their failure to properly file over 51,000 severance tax reports over a three year period and as required by Colorado law. The complaint was in response to an audit conducted by the Office of the State Auditor released last week that exposed these massive reporting failures.

Colorado Rising for Communities notifies Robbins in the letter that upon further clarification of the agency’s position, the organization may choose to proceed with legal action for non-compliance with the law. The letter includes legal precedent for why Colorado Rising for Communities believes the penalties are enforceable.

Attorney Joe Salazar, Executive Director of Colorado Rising said, “We are demanding that the COGCC live up to its statutory responsibilities and the fiscal duty it owes to Coloradans by immediately taking the strongest action possible against these bad industry players. Anything short of strong action will certainly solidify in the minds of many Coloradans that our own state agencies have no interest in protecting Colorado.”

The letter is linked here.


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