Colorado Rising Statement on SB-181 with Amendments


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Colorado Rising Statement on SB-181 with Amendments

DENVER — On Thursday, March 28th, the Colorado House of Representatives amended and passed SB-181 to better regulate the oil and gas industry in Colorado.

Anne Lee Foster, Communications Director of Colorado Rising, the grassroots, citizen group behind Prop 112 said “Despite some concerning amendments, SB-181 is still a step in the right direction. There were some very obvious loopholes granted to industry. Rule-making will be critical in protecting Coloradoans and making sure 181 fulfills the new mandate of prioritizing health and safety. Colorado Rising will be there to empower communities and fight for and our environment and public health.”


Breakdown of concerning amendments:
  • Page 7, line 7 – Who decided what an appropriate circumstance to use pneumatic devices is?
  • Page 8, line 5, 6 – This addition greatly narrows the authority of local government. Overall an unnecessary and confusing addition.
  • Page 19, line 13, 14 – huge loophole for conflict of interest for commissioners
  • Page 26, line 11, 12 – gratuitous addition of reasonable, makes it very ambiguous
  • Page 33, 22-24 – This is a huge loophole to allow the industry to force pool without the 45% mineral owner agreement threshold. Mineral owners who cannot be identified are not included in the overall percentage of agreeing mineral owners. This provides NO DUE PROCESS for unknown mineral owners and doesn’t even require due diligence to identify mineral owners, only reasonable diligence. This is a big issue because industry often can’t identify mineral owners and this will undercut the 45% threshold.


Colorado Rising is powering the grassroots movement to protect public health & safety from dangerous oil & gas operations.

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