Oil and Gas Impacted Citizens Available for Interview


Contact: Anne Lee Foster: 757-870-5102, anneleefoster@gmail.com


Oil and Gas Impacted Citizens Available for Interview

Making the Case for Reform

DENVER – Today, Governor Jared Polis will hold a press conference at 1 pm to introduce the omnibus oil and gas reform bill. This bill has not been released to the public for review. Anne Lee Foster, Communications Director for Colorado Rising said: ” We find it curious to make a public statement about a bill that is not even public yet and has only been reviewed by a select group. It’s premature for us to respond because we haven’t had a chance to review the bill in full. Having a press conference and asking for support on language, still unknown, is bizarre at best.”

Impacted Residents Available for Interview: Please bear in mind that all these folks are working and have families! They will do their best to be available to share their stories of living with oil and gas and to give examples of why we need reform. NOTE: They are not endorsing the bill, just making the case for reform.
  • Kathryn Maciula, 972-741-2259 Lived in Erie, she and her children tested in the 90+ percentile for benzene and were experience health impacts, moved to Estes Park, symptoms completed stopped and benzene dropped to 0.
  • Monica Korber, mjarvis2000@aol.com, 303-898-0303 Erie Resident, experienced adult-onset asthma when drilling started nearby.
  • Cristen Logan, cristen.logan@yahoo.com, 720-951-2570 Broomfield resident, has been working to stop fracking in Broomfield for 3 years, can speak to futile, hamster wheel of hearings citizens are subjected to with no real change to be seen. Involved in the task force, lawsuits, etc. The daughter experienced nosebleeds from a site that the CDPHE acknowledge “had physical impacts.”
  • Miguel Ruiz, miguelfordenver@gmail.com, 720-666-1706 Former industry worker, injured on the job.
  • Erika Stutzman Deakin, erika.deakin@gmail.com, 303-517-8024 (available for phone or email interview) Erie resident, experienced her home shaking from drilling going underneath, nauseating smells, loud noises all night that prevented them from sleeping for months on end.
  • Dana Bove, danajbove@gmail.com, 303-475-9947 Boulder resident, working to protect bald eagles for decades, direct experience with the lack of due process at the COGCC and their disregard for federal wildlife protections.

Colorado Rising is powering the grassroots movement to protect public health & safety from dangerous oil & gas operations. To learn more, please go to www.corising.org

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