History of a movement

We’re all in it together

Back story

In recent years, five Colorado communities voted to pass moratoria and bans on fracking even though they were outspent 500 to 1 by the oil and gas industry.

In the spring of 2016 the Colorado Supreme Court sided with the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, and overturned all of the communities protections. We want to take control of oil and gas development away from big government and big corporations and let communities decide for themselves.

In the summer of 2016

Groups large and small across the state of Colorado came together to back Local Control & Setbacks on fracking. Volunteers gathered over 100,000 signatures to have these initiatives placed on the Colorado state ballot for 2016.

What happened

Although we were very close, we came a few signatures short of making the ballot, even though we only had a couple months to collect signatures. The Secretary of State gave us the option to contest the decision.

What’s next?

Because we had such an amazing response to the initiatives, we know that we’ll be able to make the ballot the next time around. The movement is growing! Get involved now and be a part of history!