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Yes! I/we support the Colorado Rising for Health & Safety statewide statutory ballot initiative to establish buffer zones of 2,500 feet between fracking operations and occupied buildings (e.g. homes, schools, hospitals) and areas of special concern (e.g. playgrounds and water sources). Please list me/us as an endorser.


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“Countries around the world, and states around America, have banned fracking because of its health and environmental impacts. This ballot initiative merely asks for some common-sense guidelines. It’s hard to imagine that anyone really thinks we should be fracking so close to playgrounds, homes and schools.”
– Bill McKibben, Author and Founder of

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“The Firestone tragedy was the latest incident to prove dangerous oil and gas wells have no business near family’s homes and schools. Colorado Rising for Health and Safety is a common sense safeguard that puts protecting people over profit.”
– Colorado State Senator Matt Jones

“I support this ballot measure because it puts Coloradans’ health and safety first. Since the oil and gas industry currently controls important parts of the state government and will do anything to avoid change, it is essential the people of Colorado make their voice heard.”
– Colorado House District 12 Representative Mike Foote

“Common sense legislation is needed to protect the health and safety of Colorado residents and to protect Colorado’s environment for future generations.”
– Suzanne Cabral, nurse, mother and leader with North Metro Neighbors for Safe Energy. Learn more about her fight to protect her family and community from fracking.

“Colorado Rising for Health and Safety is a common-sense measure that will prioritize the well-being of Coloradoans. If you believe that fracking operations should not be placed next to our homes and schools — and the very reservoirs that hold our drinking water — you’ll want to support this initiative.”
– Jennifer Dulles, with Broomfield CAN

“The health and safety of current and future generations must take priority over profits. We are not a sacrifice zone.”
– Megan Meyer, UNC Earth Guardians youth group

“Weld Air and Water is a community based organization that has been working on educating the citizens of Colorado on environmental and health concerns surrounding oil and gas development. In our researching this situation we have found overwhelming scientific evidence that ‘further away is better, and never there is better still.'”
– Carl Erickson, Weld Air and Water

The Oil & Gas Industry’s absolute control of our political and regulatory systems allows growing abuses and threats to our children, homes, communities, environment and economies. It is clear we must rein in and check the oil & gas industry to move to a balanced and healthy future!”
– Janet Johnson, Grand Junction

“I endorse this ballot I initiative we must put health and safety first.”
– AnnMarie Cleary, Broomfield

“Who knows what’s going on way down underneath my house.”
–  Kathy Ensz, Greeley

“The environmental and health impacts of fracking are severe. We must protect the health and safety of Colorado residents.”
– Leslie Glustrom, Boulder

“I support this ballot initiative because industrial oil and gas activity should not be mixed in with residential areas. A setback of 2500 feet is based on data rather than the arbitrary number today.”
– Kim McNaughton, Broomfield

“For our future generations, for the future of all life on the planet let us always keep in mind that we are all in this together.”
– Donato Perl, Greeley

“We are at a point where fracking in NorthEastern Colorado has reached a state of overdose!”
– Ana Schultz, Greeley

“My property in East Greeley is surrounded by oil and gas drilling operations. It is disheartening to see how close they are and how much pollution they cause, especially air and ground pollution. The closest drilling is less than 1000 feet from my house — way TOO close in my opinion. I am thankful I do not have children, however I definitely worry about the health effects on me and my animals. I have asthma and the fracking and drilling has only made it worse.  I would do anything to increase the setbacks from people’s homes and schools. I am thrilled to see this ballot initiative moving forward!”
– Carol St Jean, Greeley

“I have asthma and cannot even drive through Weld County and other areas severely affected by fracking. Not only does it constrict my airways, it constricts my soul. There is no honor in this grab-and-go pillaging of our precious land, air, and water (because they know wind, solar, and other green options are cheaper, cleaner, and far more conducive to healthy, abundant living in Colorado).”
– Kristina Woodall, Longmont