Coloradans uniting for
health & safety over fracking

In the summer of 2016

an eager group of Colorado citizens gathered together around the loss of democracy and threat of danger from hydraulic fracturing. This small group quickly became a state-wide movement of over 100,000 people. The power is in our hands. We can bring back democracy and set a new standard of participation in our communities. We can choose a clean, renewable future now.

Come with us into the future

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Local control

With state rules as a floor (min requirement), the local control initiative would give each local government a very wide range of options to protect their communities and neighborhoods from the harms generally associated with oil and gas development including hydraulic fracturing.

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Mandatory setbacks

The mandatory setback initiative establishes a buffer zone of 2,500’ (about a ½ mile) around homes, hospitals and schools, as well as sensitive areas like playgrounds and drinking water sources, from new oil and gas development.

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